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Circle K International is the world's largest collegiate organization dedicated to service and leadership development with more than 500 clubs in eleven countries.
In addition to service and leadership development, Circle K is a great place to meet new people and foster long lasting relationships. Not only do you get to meet people on your home campus, but you also get to know other Circle K'ers from other schools all over the country and abroad!


"College is more than a pursuit for a scholastic degree -- it offers good times, getting to know others, personal development, and meaningful contributions to the world. Circle K provides a unique opportunity to make a difference now -- Circle K is the total college experience."

Keep yourself updated by checking back....we will post our meeting times & events for the Spring 2006 Semester!!!!!





Wednesday, March 1
E-board/Chair NOMINATIONS! Try and make it to the
meeting to give your input!

Thursday, March 2

Cesar Chavez Day
Sponsored by the Multicultural Center
3:00PM - 5:00PM
Sculpture Garden Food tent
Sabrina, Genevieve and Jesus are on the event planning
committee. Please attend!

Saturday, March 4
TJ Project
Fee $25
Visit an orphanage for the day and spend time with
orphans in Tijuana. Contact Maria Torres ASAP to sign
up. The fee can be paid through fundraising.

Wednesday, March 8

Thursday, March 9
CSULB Pool Invitational
CSULB challenged us to a game of pool. We need your

Saturday, March 11
Options under consideration:
-Help at a Kiwanis event
-Beach clean-up
-Reading to Kids
Followed by a club social at Sabrina's or Maribel's

Sunday, March 12
Last DCM
All members are encouraged to attend.

Friday, March 17
Clubs, Greeks and Orgs Awareness
CSUDH Housing
Everyone will be tabling at housing. We need members
to man our table. Thanks!

March 24-26
District Convention
Woodland Hills Marriot
The registration deadline is March 1. Contact Maria
Torres if you want to attend.


Staff Pro Events
To sign up for any or all events Contact: Maria Torres
-562-225-2418 (check with her for list of events)

. Feeding the homeless-Every Weds. after general meeting

Long Beach Rescue Mission
1335 Pacific Ave
Long Beach, CA 90813-3027
Carpool available.

Reading To Kids- 2nd Sat. of ever month

Reading to Kids
Sign up online at www.ReadingToKids.org
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Carpool available.


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