Tree Planting (April 14, 2001)

treeplant01a.jpg (22732 bytes)  
treeplant01b.jpg (19534 bytes)
Maricela & Patty try to
figure out what to do.
Dig Maricela! Dig!

Recruiting at Day at Dominguez (April 28, 2001)

dayatdominguez01a.jpg (21568 bytes)
dayatdominguez01b.jpg (25499 bytes)
Carmi, Patty
and Maricela
Signing up a prospect!

Gardena Valley Kiwanis Special Olympics & Field Day @ Freeman Park (May 2001)

olympics01a.jpg (28763 bytes)  
olympics01b.jpg (14653 bytes)
olympics01c.jpg (23177 bytes) olympics01d.jpg (22320 bytes)
Water Balloon Toss Lupe and her
Hug Tag buddy!
Laushana, Lupe, Mr. Nichelson, 
Brenda, Alex & Maricela
Taking a break to pose for a picture!

New Officer Installation Banquet (May 12, 2001)

banquet01a.jpg (16296 bytes)
banquet01b.jpg (13460 bytes) banquet01c.jpg (15180 bytes) banquet01d.jpg (14875 bytes) banquet01e.jpg (18182 bytes)
Alex & Maricela
are sworn in!
Lupe & Mr. Casey Lupe receives an award from
Mr. Nichelson
Long Beach!!! Dancin' Machines!

International Convention: Buffalo, New York (August 4-8, 2001)
"Lighting the way to the future: Service on the edge"

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icon01j.jpg (19798 bytes)
icon01b.jpg (37518 bytes) icon01c.jpg (12737 bytes) icon01d.jpg (14365 bytes)
Metro! Yvonne M, Alex G, Armando V (LBSU), Maria P & Patty A  Don't jump Patty!
icon01a.jpg (50868 bytes) icon01g.jpg (16309 bytes) icon01e.jpg (12749 bytes) icon01f.jpg (11014 bytes) icon01h.jpg (28694 bytes)
Sightseeing at Niagara Falls Go Yankees! Is this for real? Yvonne @ the
Statue of Liberty
Rest Stop
Metro Volleyball Tournament (October 21, 2001)
volleyball01a.jpg (18756 bytes)
volleyball01b.jpg (17641 bytes)
Fernando M, Estelle C, Patty A,
Carmi C & Maria P
Go Toros!

UCSD's Annual Masquerade Ball (November 4, 2001)

masquerade01a.jpg (14023 bytes)  
masquerade01b.jpg (10870 bytes)
Patty, Maricela,
Yvonne & Anne
Patty & Alex

Shakey's Night Fundraiser and Service Auction (November 8, 2001)

shakeys01a.jpg (14512 bytes) shakeys01f.jpg (22771 bytes)  
shakeys01b.jpg (13115 bytes)
shakeys01c.jpg (14573 bytes) shakeys01e.jpg (13354 bytes)
Group Shot! Laushana & Lupe
shakeys01d.jpg (12644 bytes)
Patty is up
for auction!

Fall Training Conference @ Big Bear (November 17-19, 2001)

ftc01b.jpg (18451 bytes) ftc01a.jpg (17124 bytes) ftc01d.jpg (8447 bytes)  
ftc01f.jpg (8302 bytes)
The girls show off
our club shirts!
Armando V (LBSU), Eduardo F, Israel L, Fernando M and  Eddie receives his new member
cert from 01-02 CNH Governor
Picolo Dulay (UNLV)
Pic & Israel


ftc01e.jpg (8660 bytes) ftc01g.jpg (8636 bytes) ftc01c.jpg (12896 bytes)
Pic & Fernando Pic &  Yvonne in a
wacky workshop

LBSU's Bowl-a-Thon for Pediatric Trauma (November 30, 2001)

bowling01a.jpg (22570 bytes) bowling01b.jpg (14281 bytes)  
bowling01c.jpg (10983 bytes)
Patty, Maricela,
Anne & Yvonne
Go Anne!! Yay Yvonne!

Gardena Valley Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser (December 8, 2001)

pancake01a.jpg (10800 bytes)
pancake01b.jpg (20517 bytes)
Hi Mr. Nichelson! Estelle, Maricela, Lupe
and Brenda

Holiday Party & Secret Santa 2001 @ Lori's House (December 15, 2001)

xmas01a.jpg (29101 bytes) xmas01e.jpg (27810 bytes) xmas01b.jpg (18792 bytes) xmas01c.jpg (18096 bytes)
Our Circle K'ers get together to
celebrate the holiday season.
Maria P, Alex G, Yvonne M and
Patty A
group pics!
Maricela likes
her gift!
xmas01d.jpg (20505 bytes) xmas01f.jpg (13455 bytes)
Hee hee Patty! Inez A and her
husband Vitaly

Decorating the Carson Boys & Girls Club for their Holiday Party (December 17, 2001)

bgcxmas01a.jpg (18545 bytes)
bgcxmas01c.jpg (19611 bytes) bgcxmas01b.jpg (20971 bytes)
Israel Patty Yvonne, Maricela
and Israel

Carson Boys & Girl's Club Holiday Party (December 20, 2001)
Another cooperative project between CSUDH CKI & Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

bgc1220b.jpg (21011 bytes)
bgc1220c.jpg (15953 bytes) bgc1220.jpg (39868 bytes)
Patty is in charge of
serving the punch.
Israel helps one of
the Phiotas cook.
Maricela L, Jose R, Maria P,
Yvonne M, Alfredo L (
Patty A and Israel L.


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