Metro Division Banquet @ The Reef in Long Beach (March 1, 2002)
mbanquet1.jpg (27978 bytes)
"The Head Table"
mbanquet3.jpg (31064 bytes)
mbanquet7.jpg (29282 bytes) mbanquet9.jpg (31918 bytes)
Maria R, Estelle C,
Maricela L, Fernando M, Lori J, Alex G
and Patty A
Armando Velazquez (Metro LtG-LBSU),
Camille Goulet (Regional Advisor),
Picolo Dulay (CNH Governor-UNLV),
Carrie Chen (District Treasurer-UCLA),
Manny Cercado (District Secretary-LBSU)
Maria, Ray
and Estelle
Maricela, Alex
and Patty
mbanquet8.jpg (19373 bytes) mbanquet6.jpg (15973 bytes) mbanquet5.jpg (19771 bytes) mbanquet2.jpg (16081 bytes) mbanquet4.jpg (14540 bytes)
Jennifer Seden (LBSU), Fernando
and Lori
Patty receives the
Metro Treasurer of the Year award
Alex & Mondo Carrie & Mondo Maricela reviews
the year
LA Marathon (March 3, 2002)
marathon02a.jpg (32526 bytes)
marathon02b.jpg (25490 bytes)
Joanna M, Fernando M, Alex G, 
and Patty A
and Alex
Total K Day @ Freeman Park in Gardena (March 16, 2002)
totalk02b.jpg (24828 bytes)
totalk02c.jpg (21084 bytes) totalk02d.jpg (18088 bytes) totalk02e.jpg (29355 bytes) totalk02f.jpg (27268 bytes)
Eww! Our Kiwanians Dale
Pierce, Tad Uyemura
and John Nichelson
totalk02i.jpg (17569 bytes) totalk02h.jpg (12719 bytes) totalk02g.jpg (15716 bytes) totalk02a.jpg (15874 bytes)
Mr Nichelson
supervises Lori
Kiwanian Maria Marquez Trying to clean up Don't paint outside
with an oil based
paint on a windy day
Cal-Nev-Ha District Convention @ Visalia, Ca (March 22-24, 2002)
"Circle K To The Rescue!!"
dcon02a.jpg (59550 bytes)
dcon02d.jpg (27335 bytes) dcon02e.jpg (18549 bytes) dcon02f.jpg (16046 bytes) dcon02g.jpg (17869 bytes)
The cool backdrop Lori, Patty, Alex,
Maricela & Fernando
pose for a pic before
opening session
We surprised
the Nichelson's
01-02 CNH Governor
Pic Dulay
Maricela receives
a club award
dcon02h.jpg (36812 bytes) dcon02b.jpg (33533 bytes) dcon02i.jpg (12871 bytes) visalia6.jpg (44270 bytes) dcon02c.jpg (26356 bytes)
01-02 Cal-Nev-Ha
District Board
Before workshops Maricela fills out
tickets for the
board pieing
Jen D & John V from
Maritime Academy
party with Patty, Maricela, Lori & Alex
Patty and Alex
just having some
fun with the boys
from CMA.
dcon02logo.gif (19933 bytes)
DCON 02 Logo
Feed the Homeless (April 6, 2002)
feed0406b.jpg (20821 bytes)  
feed0406a.jpg (20025 bytes)
Lupe B, Israel L, Teresa R,
Laushana M and Inez A
We took 250 lunches to Downtown LA
Pictures at a General Meeting (April 8, 2002)
mtg0408a.jpg (22530 bytes)  
mtg0408b.jpg (13892 bytes)
Maricela L, Maria R,
Yvonne M, Patty A,
Maria P, & Israel L
Estelle C sits with GHS Key Club
Advisor Tom Ramirez and our
Kiwanis Advisor John Nichelson
Spring Training Conference South @ CSUDH (April 13, 2002)
stc02f.jpg (27136 bytes) stc02a.jpg (20981 bytes) stc02c.jpg (21766 bytes)  
stc02b.jpg (10298 bytes)
Waiting for the events to begin. Maricela and 
02-03 Metro LtG
Sangeeta Vastava
Maricela, Deli (PCC) and Lori J Jordan from
Cal Poly SLO
stc02d.jpg (28716 bytes) stc02e.jpg (25925 bytes)
'02-'03 So Cali Vice Presidents Lunch time!
Welcome Week 2002 (September 9-12, 2002)
welcome02b.jpg (25410 bytes)   
welcome02a.jpg (32205 bytes)
Our table Alex G & Scott S
(District Secretary- UC Davis)
Maria & Israel Play on the Swings after the AHA Heart Walk (September 21, 2002)
swings1.jpg (23708 bytes)
Fall Training Conference @ Old Oak Ranch in Sonora, Ca (November 15-17, 2002)
"The Cal-Nev-Ha Experience"
ftc02a.jpg (19033 bytes)   
ftc02b.jpg (17808 bytes)
ftc02c.jpg (23155 bytes) ftc02d.jpg (18408 bytes) ftc02e.jpg (37441 bytes)
Mary M & Nicole V
from LBSU sit with Israel at opening session
Charonda G receives
her new member
pin from 02-03 CNH
Governor Armando Velazquez (LBSU)
MD&E workshop Charonda outside
her cabin.
ftc02f.jpg (34656 bytes) ftc02g.jpg (21622 bytes) ftc02h.jpg (20618 bytes) ftc02i.jpg (33810 bytes) ftc02j.jpg (24467 bytes)
A view of the
girl's cabin
UNLV steps during
the talent show
UCLA talent Josh T, Charonda G,
Lori J and Israel L
Ready to go home!
ftc02k.jpg (17761 bytes) ftc02l.jpg (16858 bytes)
The road home  Wake up Izzy!
Feed the Homeless & Clothing Drive Drop-Off (November 30, 2002)
A cooperative project with Sigma Pi Fraternity, Inc
feed1130a.jpg (29004 bytes)   
feed1130b.jpg (27702 bytes)
Israel L, Lizette R,
Joseph Q (
SP) and Josh T
Gardena Valley Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast @ Nakaoka Center (December 8, 2002)
pancake02a.jpg (32527 bytes)   
pancake02b.jpg (29584 bytes)
pancake02c.jpg (33344 bytes)
Hanging banners Kiwanians cook
to order
Many people
came for breakfast
Richstone Family Center Holiday Shoppe (December 14, 2002)
richstone1.jpg (24948 bytes)
Tené, Lori & Shana
take a pic w/Santa
Holiday Party & Secret Santa @ Lori's House (December 14, 2002)
xmas02a.jpg (40261 bytes)
xmas02b.jpg (31540 bytes)
Fernando, Israel, Alex, Davina and
Charonda listen to Josh tell a story, 
while Gino wonders why no one
notices he's under the mistletoe
Maria, Inez and
Vitaly are intrigued
by Josh's story


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