Shane's Inspiration Play Date @ Griffith Park (January 25, 2003)
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A Boundless Playground for
ALL Children
The playground Maria R helps
with registration.
Israel L & Kim M
distribute snacks
Key Clubbers from Leuzinger HS do
the face painting
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Key Clubbers at
Arts & Crafts table
Smile! Lori J & Maria smile for the camera
District Large Scale Service Project @ Ability First in Claremont (February 22, 2003)
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Israel L. does
some touch-ups
Painting the playhouse Mural-ers Volunteers from DH Israel & Maricela
Toro Days 2003 (February 24, 2003)
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Lori & Israel pose with the DH mascot Our Wacky Bull
Cal-Nev-Ha District Convention: Ontario, Ca (March 21-23, 2003)
"Bring in da Service, Bring in da Funk!"
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Part of the funky backdrop 02-03 CNH Governor Armando Velazquez (LBSU) A view from
our room
Lori J, Maria R,
Fernando M and Israel L.
dcon03b.jpg (15333 bytes)
Lori & Cruz P (ECC)
Student Involvement Banquet (May 14, 2003)

Our Circle K club won the CSUDH Associated Students Inc. Community Service of the 2002-03 Year award!!! Yes, we had an awesome year of service, and this is just an affirmation that we had the best service program of all the campus organizations! Congratulations Circle K'ers! You've earned it! (isn't the silver bull awesome? GO TOROS!!!)

Gardena Valley Kiwanis Special Olympics @ Freeman Park (May 17, 2003)
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Charonda at the
registration table
with our Kiwanians
Volunteer Group
Israel was in
deep thought



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