1997 Cal-Nev-Ha District Convention @ Ontario, Ca (March 1997)
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CSUDH CKI Group Shot Metro Division
before the dance
Sunday Breakfast Pieing Hector again
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The End was
almost here
CSULB Beach Clean Up and BBQ (April 1997)
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Group Picture Brenda, Lupe, Soraya & Katherine Lupe, Soraya
and Brenda
1997 CSUDH Installation Banquet (May 1997)
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Farewell Address
Leticia Vega and
Carl Revis
CSULB's Kiwanis Advisor, members, board, LtG & Alumni Lily Pina and
Adriana Muniz
International Convention
Chicago, Illinois
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Friends at the
Chicago Hilton
Cal-Nev-Ha District Our board at the Governor's Ball Metro Circle K'ers More Metro
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Brian (CSUN), Leticia, Natalie (PCC), Sonia, Lupe and Brenda at the
Michael Jordan Cafe


National Disabled Foundation Athletic Festival @ Griffith Park
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Metro Camping Get-Away
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Katherine (CSULB), Leticia and
Diana (Metro LtG, CSULB)
Group Shot
Welcome Week (September 1997)
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Lupe works the table

AIDS Walk Los Angeles (follow link to view photos)

Mural Painting at Jefferson High
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1997 Fall Training Conference
"MIS: Mission in Service"
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CSUDH @ FTC METRO @ FTC New Metro members
get their pins during
induction ceremony
trying to keep warm
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The hot members
UCLA President
changed colors to
get his bell back
Getting ready to
go home
Go West! 1997- Rose Parade Float Decorating (December 31, 1997)
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An angel We were assigned to the Sunkist float Damon at work Kiwanis float




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