CSUDH Circle K Kiwanis Takeover (January 8, 1998)
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Mr. Casey and us with his
1996-1997 Advisor plaque.
Lety ran the show
Feeding the Homeless with UCLA Circle K (January 18, 1998)
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CSUDH Circle K Alumni becoming Kiwanis (January 22, 1998)
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Carol Nichols signs
Maria Garcia's apron
(a Gardena Valley Kiwanis Tradition)
Kiwanian Homer
signs Socorro's
Group picture of Kiwanians after
Leticia, Maria,
Mr. Nichelson
and Socorro
Valentine Flower Sale (February 14, 1998)
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1998 Cal-Nev-Ha District Convention: Woodland Hills
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Metro before dinner Brenda with the 
MRF on Time medal
Our advisor John
Nichelson with
his famous wave.
Mr. Nichelson and Leticia at the
Past Presidents ceremony
Arturo & Griselda
(USC) at caucus
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Cristina and Leti
try to keep warm.
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Cal Poly Pomona's Pool Party
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Whittier's Jamaica Me Crazy
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Diep, Gia & Damon Group Shot Matt, Cristina, 
Arturo and Damon
International Convention: Ocho Rios, Jamaica 
"Oceans of Opportunity… CKI in Reggae Land"
Photos By: Don Lewis
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Lety and Arturo on
their hotel balcony
Leticia swinging
Cooling off at
the springs
Lety & Arturo
relaxing in the
cool water
Lety dancing with
a new friend


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