CHE-302 Organic Chemistry II

The following are clickable links to Power Point slide presentations for lectures in Organic Chemistry.  Feel free to print and use them.  If you are using a modem to connect to the internet, it may take several minutes to download each file.  You may want to print the slides as “handouts” (6 to a page) to save paper.  These are works in progress and any feedback or errors should be emailed to Dr. Sturm.

Chapters refer to: Organic Chemistry, Morrison & Boyd (6th Edition), Prentice-Hall, ISBN #: 0-13-643669-2

Chapter Topic Work Sheets
15 Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution ** EAS
16 Arenes

Quick Think Solution

Arenes I

Arenes II

Arenes III

Arenes IV



Infrared Spectroscopy *** #

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance #

IR Additional Hand-Out

NMR Additional Hand-Out

18 Aldehydes & Ketones I

Aldehydes and Ketones I

QT Aldehydes/Ketones Nomenclature

QT Aldehydes/Ketones Nomenclature_Answers

Aldehydes and Ketones II


18 Aldehydes & Ketones II Ketones
19 Carboxylic Acids Review Carboxylic Acids
20 Functional Derivatives of Carboxylic Acids

Derivatives of Carboxylic Acids

QT Functional Der of Carboxylic Acids

QT Functional Der of Carboxylic Acids Answers

21 & 25 Carbanions I

Carbanions I


21 & 25 Carbanions II

Carbanions II

Problem 25.10 (c)

QT Alpha, Beta

QT Alpha, Beta Answer

Correction Carbanions II (#5)

22 Amines, Syntheses Amine Synthesis
23 Amines, Reactions Amine Reactions
23, 24 Diazonium Salts Phenols Diazonium Salts Phenols

**Problem sets on the web involving electrophilic substitution reactions

***Spectrocopy Tables (IR & nmr)

# Spectroscopy practice problems on the web

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