Biochemistry I: CHE 450

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General Chemistry (two semester or three quarter sequence)

Organic Chemistry (two semester or three quarter sequence)

Date Lecture Work Sheet Case Study
January 22

Chemistry of Life / The Cell


01_Chemistry of Life and the Cell  
January 27 Molecules of Life / Water 02_Molecules of Life/Water  
January 29


Acidosis / Alkalosis

03_Acidosis/Alkalosis Case Study 1 Solution
February 03 Amino Acids / Proteins MP3
04_Amino Acids/Proteins and Protein Synthesis Case Study 2 Solution
February 05 Protein Synthesis and Maturation  
February 10 Proteins: Globular and Membrane and Structural (Fibrous) MP3 WAV MP3
05_Proteins: Globular, Membrane and Structural  
February 12 Membranes MP3
February 17 HOLIDAY  
February 19

Myoglobin / Hemoglobin MP3

07_Myoglobin and Hemoglobin Case Study 3 Solution
February 24

Gas Transport / Antibodies & Antigens

08_Gas Transport and Antibodies  
February 26

Enzymes: Catalysis & Kinetics MP3

09_Enzymes: Catalysis and Kinetics Case Study 4 Solution
March 02

Exam 1

March 04 Enzymes: Isozymes & Regulation MP3
10_Enzymes: Isozymes and Regulation Case Study 5 Solution
March 09 Enzyme Mechanisms-Serine Proteases 11_Enzyme Mechanisms: Serine Proteases Chymotrypsin Mechanism
March 11

Overview of Nutrients / Vitamins of CHO Metabolism MP3 WAV

Cobalamin, Folic Acid, Antioxidants MP3



Case Study 6 Solution

NADH & FADH2 Structures

Take Home Quiz

March 16

Introduction to Nucleotides

Nucleotides: Composition and Structure MP3 WAV

14_Nucleotides AT & CG Structures
March 18

Purine Metabolism and Pyrimidine Metabolism MP3 WAV

Purine Metabolism (Study Guide)

Pyrimidine Metabolism (Study Guide)

15_Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism Case Study 7 Solution
March 23

Exam 2

March 25

DNA Synthesis MP3 WAV

16_DNA Synthesis  
March 30

HOLIDAY, Spring Break!

April 01

HOLIDAY, Spring Break!


April 06

DNA Mutation and Repair MP3 WAV

RNA Synthesis and Processing MP3 WAV

Terms Defined

17 DNA Mutation and Repair

18_RNA Synthesis and Processing

April 08

Regulation of Gene Expression

Study Guide/Worksheet:

Regulation of Gene Expression

April 13

Genome Organization

Overview of CHO Metabolism MP3


Genome Organization

CHO Study Guide

19_Overview of CHO Metabolism

April 15

Intro To & Thermo Of Metabolism MP3

20_Introduction to Thermodynamics

April 20

Exam 3

April 22

Glycolysis Pathway MP3 WAV


Case Study 8 Solution
April 27

Citric Acid Cycle MP3 WAV

22_Citric Acid Cycle

April 29

Glycogen Metabolism MP3 WAV

Gluconeogenesis MP3 WAV


24_PPP and Gluconeogenesis

Case Study 9 Solution

May 04


Electron Transport

Electron Transport pdf

25_Electron Transport

Case Study 10 Solution
  Pathways Review    
May 06 Exam 4    
May 11 Final Exam    

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Exam 1 Key

Exam 2 Key

Exam 3 Key

Exam 4 Key

Genetics Terms

Harper's (2003) Reading List

Harper's (2006) Reading List

Harper's (2009) Reading List

Harper's (2012) Reading List

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