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Acc 333 - “All the information that fits, I print”

Syllabus Spring, 2019 (draft as of 1/8/19 - subject to change)

Outlines -
Individual Tax Form -
Form 1040, Sch. A, B, C and D

IRS Publication -
IRS Publication 17 - A free 304 page IRS publication on individual taxes - This is an excellent discussion of most topics in Acc. 333. Great supplement.

Tax rate calculator and 2011 tax numbers (Web page)
Tax rate calculator Excel and 2011 numbers (without lookup table formula)


Sample tax organizer for 2010
Alimony recapture handout IRC Code Section 152 - Definition of a dependent - Fall 08
Sample Memo handout
Depreciation Chart Memo handout (Fall, 2004 Handout)
Sections 1245, 1250, 1231 handout - the basics (Spring, 2004 Handout)
Sections 1231 spreadsheet (Fall, 2004 Handout)

Who is a dependent – Code, Regs and Cases - Spring, 2005)
How to use Excel lookup Tables (Sp., 2004)
Excel lookup Tables - Example in Excel
Excel lookup Tables - Example in HTML

Old Stuff can be found at http://cbapp.csudh.edu/faculty/accounting/rmalamud/333old.htm or click on the link below
[Acc 333 Old Stuff - prior handouts and sample test questions]

The statements found on this website are for informational purposes only. A whole lot of this information is not up to date and is therefore inacurate. Only information given in class is (hopefully) up to date. Unfortunately, in tax classes, the law changes continually. Use this information at your own risk.

File updated 1/8/2019

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