Biochemistry II


General Chemistry (two semester or three quarter sequence)

Organic Chemistry (two semester or three quarter sequence)

Biochemistry I (one semester sequence)


Glycolysis Citric Acid Cycle
Glycolysis Structures TCA Cycle Structures
Gluconeogenesis Glycogen Metabolism
Allosteric Regulation
Insulin & Glucagon
Digestion & Absorption of Proteins and CHO's
Fat Metabolism: Overview and Synthesis
Fat Metabolism: Degradation
Fat Metabolism: Regulation and Integration
Arachidonic Acid Metabolism
Amino Acid Metabolism
Protein Turnover and Ammonia Metabolism
Heme Metabolism and Jaundice
Overview of Biochemical Endocrinology
Vitamin A and Vision
Neurobiochemistry I: Pituitary/Hypothalamus
Neurobiochemistry II: Growth Hormone/Prolactin
Thyroid Hormone
Calcium Homeostasis/PTH/Vitamin D
Adrenal Steroid Hormone Biosynthesis
Sex Steroid Hormones


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