Biochemistry I, CHE 450

MW, Section -30

Instructor: Dr. Noel Sturm, SI 311


Course Organization and Policies:

1. Prerequisites: (a) General Chemistry (1 year) and (b) Organic Chemistry w/ Laboratory (1 year or a 1 semester survey course w/ lab) and (c) Quantitative Analysis (may NOT be taken concurrently w/ Biochemistry 450).

2. REQUIRED Text: Lehninger: Principles of Biochemistry, 8th Edition; Authors: Nelson and Cox

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Here is a link from the publisher, Macmillan, that provides ISBN information for the text book and Sapling Learning.

Lehninger and Sapling

3. The reading list consistes of links (see below) for Lehninger that highlight the sections and sub-sections of each chapter that are important for understanding the chemistry of biological systems and are relevant to the questions you will be asked in the homework and on the exams.


4. Power Point Slides: The power point slides are on-line, arranged via lecture topic, see below. Examination questions will be derived directly fromthe readings, power point slides and homework. There are also additional .html files provided to give an alternative presentation of the material.


5. On-Line and On-Campus Sessions: We will meet on-line every Monday 1:00 PM-2:10PM, using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and on-campus every Wednesday 1:00-2:10PM, NSM C-221. We will discuss lecture material, do quick thinks and answer questions. It is very important that you attend all of the on-line sessions in order to succeed in this course. You must have a working computer, reliable internet connectivity and browser is an important requirement, please use Firefox 2.0.x or higher.


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6.Examinations: There will be four multiple choice examinations (see syllabus for specific dates) each worth 99 points. Absolutely NO make-up exams will be given. All examinations will be on-line through Bb Collaborate Ultra using the Respondus Lockdown Browser.


7. Final Exam: The final exam (100 pts), will be on-line through Bb Collaborate Ultra using the Respondus Lockdown Browser and for section -30 is scheduled for Monday, December 12th, 2022, 1:00PM-3:00PM.


8. Homework:

9. The Goal of this course is to understand and outline Proteins, Enzymes, Vitamins, Membranes and all of the Carbohydrate Metabolic Pathways.


10. Grading Criteria: Letter grades are based on the following point distribution. Grades are criterion-referenced not norm-referenced; each student has an equal opportunity meet the criteria charted below:


Homework 220 pts
Respondus Test Question 4 pts
Exams 396 pts
Final Exam 100 pts
Total 720 pts





























11. Case Studies/Clinical Correlates: Related directly to the general biochemical principles being taught are intended to give "real-life" significance to the biochemistry experience and should be printed from the web site.

12. Course Description: The chemistry of amino acids and proteins; the chemistry and metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids; energetics in living systems.  The course is taught with a medical emphasis and covers peptides, proteins, myoglobin/hemoglobin, enzymes, vitamins, catecholamines and metabolism, as well as, clinical correlates and case studies.

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14. Disabled Student Services: CSUDH adheres to the American with Disabilities Act with respect to providing reasonable accommodations for students with temporary or permanent disabilities. To receive accommodations, students with disabilities must register with Disabled Student Services. For more information, please contact their office in Welch Hall B250 at (310) 243-3660 or (310) 243-2028.



Date Lecture Reading (Lehninger: Principles of Bicohemistry, 7th Edition) Case Study Homework
August 29

Chemistry of Life / The Cell

Molecules of Life / Water

Ch. 1: Lehninger Introductory Ppt

Ch. 2: Lehninger Water Ppt

Chapter 1



August 31

Acidosis / Alkalosis

Ch. 2: Lehninger Water Ppt

Chapter 2

Case Study 1 Solution

A Qualitative Look at the HH Equation

Chapters 1 & 2

DUE: Friday, 09/02

September 5 HOLIDAY      
September 7

Amino Acids / Proteins

Ch. 3: Lehninger Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins Ppt

Chapters 3

Case Study 2 Solution

Cys & Lys Structures at Different pH's

Chapter 3

DUE Friday, 09/09

September 12

Protein Synthesis and Maturation

Ch. 27: Lehninger Protein Metabolism Ppt

Chapter 27


Chapter 27

DUE: Wednesday, 09/14

September 14*

Proteins: 3D Structure

Ch. 4: Lehninger 3D Structure of Proteins Ppt

Chapter 4

FEAR Protein at Different pH's

Chapter 4

DUE: Friday, 09/16

September 19


Ch. 11: Lehninger Membranes Ppt

Chapter 11  

Chapter 11

DUE: Friday, 09/23

September 21**

Exam 1



September 26

Myoglobin / Hemoglobin

Ch. 5: Lehninger Protein Function Ppt

Chapter 5

Case Study 3 Solution

Chapter 5

DUE: Wednesday, 09/28

September 28

Enzymes: Catalysis & Kinetics

Ch. 6: Lehninger Enzymes Ppt

Chapter 6

Case Study 4 Solution


October 3

Enzymes: Isozymes & Regulation

Ch. 6: Lehninger Enzymes Ppt

" " Case Study 5 Solution

Chapter 6

DUE: Wednesday, 10/05

October 5

Overview of Nutrients / Vitamins of CHO Metabolism

Intro To & Thermo Of Metabolism

Ch. 13: Lehninger Introduction to Metabolism Ppt

Chapter 13

NADH and FADH2 Structures

Case Study 6 Solution

Chapter 13

DUE: Friday, 10/07

October 10

Study Guide

Overview of CHO Metabolism

Ch. 7: Lehninger Carbohydrates Ppt

Chapter 7  

Chapter 7

DUE: Friday, 10/14

October 12

Exam 2



October 17

Glycolysis, Gluconeogenesis and the PPP

Ch. 14: Lehninger Glycolysis, Gluconeogenesis and the PPP Ppt

Chapter 14


Chapter: 14

DUE: Wednesday, 10/19

October 19

Citric Acid Cycle

Ch. 16: Lehninger The Citric Acid Ppt

Chapter 16

Case Study 8


Chapter 16

DUE: Friday, 10/21

October 24

Electron Transport

Electron Transport pdf

Ch. 19: Lehninger Oxidative Phosphorylation Ppt

CHO Pathways Review

Chapter 19 Case Study 10 Solution

Chapter 19

DUE: Wednesday, 10/26

October 26

Glycogen Metabolism

Ch. 15: Lehninger Glycogen Metabolism

Chapter 15

Case Study 9 Solution

Chapter 15

DUE: Friday, 10/28

October 31

Fatty Acid beta-Oxidation

Ch. 17: Fatty Acid Metabolism

Chapter 17  

Chapter 17

DUE: Wednesday, 11/02

November 02

Amino Acid Metabolism

Ch. 18: Amino Acid Metabolism and Urea

Chapter 18    
November 07

The Urea Cycle

Ch. 18: Amino Acid Metabolism and Urea

" "  

Chapter 18

DUE: Friday, 11/11

November 09 Exam 3      
November 14

Nucleotides: Composition and Structure

Ch. 8: Lehninger Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids Ppt

Chapter 8 AT and GC Pair Structures

Chapter 8

DUE: Wednesday, 11/16

November 16

Ch. 22: Lehninger Nucleotide Synthesis Ppt

Purine Metabolism (Study Guide)

Pyrimidine Metabolism (Study Guide)

Chapter 22


Case Study 7 Solution

Chapter 22

DUE: Friday, 11/18

November 21

DNA Synthesis, Mutation and Repair

Ch. 25: Lehninger DNA Metabolism Ppt

Chapter 25  

Chapter 25

DUE: Wednesday, 11/23



November 23





November 28

RNA Synthesis and Processing

Ch. 26: Lehninger RNA Metabolism Ppt

Chapter 26


Chapter 26

DUE: Wednesday, 11/30

November 30

Genome Organization

Ch. 24: Lehninger Genes and Chromosomes Ppt

Chapter 24

Study Guide/Worksheet:

Genome Organization

Chapter 24

DUE: Friday, 12/02

December 05

Regulation of Gene Expression

Ch. 28: Lehninger Regulation of Gene Expression Ppt

Chapter 28


Study Guide/Worksheet:


Regulation of Gene Expression

Chapter 28

DUE: Friday, 12/09

December 07

Exam 4



Monday, December 12 (-30) Final Exam, 8:00AM-8:00PM      

*NO On-campus Class Meetings, Video Lectures Will be Available

**NO On-campus Meetings, Exams will be available on-line 8:00AM-8:00PM



Homework Assignment DUE DATE

Log into Blackboard and then navigate to this course.
Click the "Homework" menu link.

Chapters 1 & 2

Friday, 09/02, 2022

Chapter 3

Friday, 09/09, 2022

Chapter 27

Wednesday, 09/14, 2022

Chapter 4 Friday, 09/16, 2022

Chapter 11

Friday,09/23, 2022

Chapter 5

Wednesday,09/28, 2022

Chapter 6

Wednesday, 10/05, 2022

Chapter 13 Friday, 10/07, 2022
Chapter 7 Friday, 10/14, 2022

Chapter 14

Wednesday, 10/19, 2022

Chapter 16

Friday,10/21, 2022

Chapter 19

Wednesday, 10/26, 2022

Chapter 15

Friday, 10/28, 2022

Chapter 17 Wednesday, 11/02, 2022  
Chapter 18

Friday, 11/11, 2022

Chapter 8 Wednesday, 11/16, 2022  
Chapter 22 Friday, 11/18, 2022  
Chapter 25 Wednesday, 11/23, 2022  
Chapter 26 Wednesday, 11/30, 2022  
Chapter 24 Friday, 12/02, 2022  
Chapter 28 Friday, 12/09, 2022  


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